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We now welcome all international visitors!

Great news!

After a long wait, we've finally started accepting international leisure-based visitors again!

This is a very exciting time for all people in Japan, and are all celebrating and excited about our life getting back to the way it should be.

Summer is coming soon, and here's one way of how we enjoy this fabulous season in Hokkaido...

We have a thing called "Beer Garden".

It's usually set on the rooftop of a high-rise building for the nice summerly breeze, and the fresh greenery and flowers by day, the gorgeous view of the city lights by night.

With ice-cold beer and so many kinds of appetising food (which, of course, will make me want to go for another glass of beer, haha) , we escape from the crowded streets and just enjoy our company.

I heard that the popular beer garden on the main street is getting back on business after 2 years of absence too... can't wait!

Did any of this sound good? We'd love it if you join us :)

If drinking is not your thing, that's alright. There's so much more to do here.

We'll be waiting!





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